• Bakuba is where time seems to stand still. It’s a unique atmosphere where I refreshed for 10 days. Read more

    Bakuba lodge is located on the south west coast of Madagascar, between sea and mountain, just 796 meters from the Tropic of Capricorn.

    Bakuba lodge at the edge of the protected area of the village of Saint Augustin in a virgin site near the village Vezo ” Fishing Village ” to Ankilibe.
    On one side, a beautiful pool overlooking the lagoon, mangrove which persists along a still wild beach and on the other side, a terrace overlooking Table Mountain.

    Bakuba Lodge, is also a cozy place that offers relaxation with a personal welcome that finalized my trip to Madagascar.

    I simply loved it.

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    Eric Delfosse

    Eric Delfosse - Suite MASAI

    One of the most enchanting places I’ve ever stayed. Read more

    A luxury hotel that offers beautiful rooms that are experiences in themselves, from the four poster beds to the funky eclectic showers. A view of the sunset from the balcony pool. Amazing food every single night, lovingly prepared and served from their own kitchen. A great massage service. And Bruno and Patricia’s warm and attentive hospitality, supporting us when Air Madagascar cancelled on our flights (both outward and return), suggesting places to go and showing us the local scenery.

    We had 2-3 days here, and it was a magical experience, pleasantly spent enjoying the view and comforts from the hotel itself, and on walks down to the beach below the house, interacting with locals from the neighbouring fishing village (the children are lovely, but will persist you for gifts or ‘cadeau’, so it’s best to resist or at most give fruit).

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    Yunan Chen U.S.A

    Yunan Chen U.S.A - Chambre LUKENGO